Friday, April 12, 2013


Tired of the hectic pace of life in the city, me, my boyfriend and my friends wanted to get our holiday in case to celebrating the new year. We actually had a few destinations to choose: Karimun Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu and Sawarna. Yes we are a beach lover hihi...

My colleagues had mentioned Sawarna as a great holiday destination, then I suggested it to the team. I did some research online and discovered that Sawarna is supposedly the hidden beach in Banten. We were surprised. We were imagined how cool that beach...

So, I wanted to share these photos.... Here we go!


The sand was so clean. Really love it when I stepped on it!

Passed this way went to Karang Taraje...

Sawarna is the one of surfer's favorite beach, probably because its big waves. Beautiful yet dangerous. But me & my friends are not a surfer, nevertheless our life-guard accented us that we shouldn't swim too far from the beach. He was beeing so fussy but we all knew that he had to save our life, therefore he had kept controlling us.

The awesome moment that made us surprised was when we were walking to Laguna Pari and Karang Taraje. To reach both, we were walking across rice field--that actually has a slick condition--for 2 hours. Tired? of course... but that's ok. We really enjoyed the journey.

Here I give you a few tips if you really want to go to Sawarna:

  • If you depart from Jakarta, will takes around 3-5 hours to go there. So, you'd better make sure your car is in a good condition.
  • Bring enough food supplies and also medicines. If you want to go to Laguna Pari, Karang Taraje or Tanjung Layar by walking, don't forget to bring Betadine. It would be useful.
  • Bring a strong enough mountain sandals if you don't wanna get in trouble on there. You will take on a hard-road.
  • Bring also a good clothes (especially for shorts). Never bring those made from easily-broken material. Trust me! :)
  • Don't pee on the sand and some other areas! Just DON'T! You have to respect 'them' by having a deferential attitude.